Our Story

Founded in 2005, Coeur Clémentine is the result of the decades-long friendship of its founders, Steve Veytia and Pierre Arosteguy, and their shared passion for the wines of Provence, and in particular, rosé. Steve, a native of St. Helena, California and Pierre, the 5th generation owner of the oldest family run epicerie in France, Maison Arosteguy in Biarritz, launched their first vintage in 2008 and the wine has gone on to win numerous awards.

Coeur Clémentine’s grapes are grown and harvested in what many believe to be the best soil in the region, called “The Golden Triangle”. The Golden Triangle contains the villages of Puget-Ville, Pierrefeu and Cuers and its fruit is highly sought after. Crafted in a 93 year-old facility in Puget-Ville, under the direction of winemaker Jean-Christophe Audèoud, using techniques that are both recent and part of the long tradition of making rosé in the region. From soil and vine management, through to bottling, our processes are natural and focused on providing quality.

Côtes De Provence is the oldest wine making region in France and rosé was one of the first wines to be produced there. Today, Provence devotes over 88% of its production to rosé wines.

When consumers think rosé, they think Provence!